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It was in 2010 that I first connected with a family crisis center in Jerusalem.  Over time, connections have been made with various agencies that are helping people

in Jerusalem and Israel. 

The Bridge To Jerusalem project is the natural (and supernatural) outgrowth of my developing commitment to the people in Israel.

I respect the individual's right to self determination,  valuing each human life even as God does.


Entering into the lives of people is the greatest honor one can be given.  I strive to speak hope and kindness into the lives

of everyone who crosses my path, from the agency worker to the shopkeeper. 


BTJ assists travelers from the U.S. get connected with short term helping opportunities during their visit in Jerusalem, which provides experiential learning about the land and her people.  

I offer encouragement to workers and volunteers as we are able.



On the other side of the bridge, I am always looking for creative ways to build personal connections between supporters in the U.S. and the individuals we support in Israel.  

I look for opportunities to promote awareness and understanding of the issues Israel and her residents face. 

This is accomplished in part through relationships, social media and special events. Projects, partnerships and relationships are expanding.


Technology and the internet allows BTJ to  to provide assistance while in the states.  

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