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 Israel is in a fight for its existence.

The very existence of the Jewish people, and in particular those living in Israel, is under severe attack. 

It has been said that this war is taking place on two battlefronts: In Israel and in social media. Along with the internet comes the responsibility to sift through, fact check and analyze the information that bombards us.


The mission of Bridge To Jerusalem is to stand with Israel and the Jewish people.  As such, I have 'joined the war' by creating a webpage to battle mis-information.

I will be sharing informative posts from a variety of reliable resources with the hope that the content will take you deeper into the complex issues and act as a springboard to further research and understanding.


Please check my 'battlefront' blog  for new posts and join the information war by sharing with 'your people' on social media.

Shalom shalom.

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