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IDF troops find puppy near Gaza rocket sites

In recent days, reservists of the IDF's Harel Brigade raided the Al Karama neighborhood, situated between Beit Hanoun and Jabalia, eliminating Hamas terrorists and dismantling terror infrastructure. Soldiers found long-range rocket launchers aimed at Israel, anti-tank missile launching points, tunnel shafts and Hamas observation posts.

Then, as the troops were taking the munitions apart, a little puppy ran up to them for shelter. "When the soldiers came out of a building, the dog ran to them," said Master Sergeant Yuval, a paramedic in the brigade. "This is uncommon in Gaza. In general, there are almost no animals there. We saw cats here and there, but no dogs. He was really thin and weak and looked in bad shape. We let him drink and rest, and in the same place we decided to give him a name: Beber."

After giving him initial treatment, the fighters had to decide what to do with Beber. "The sector was secure and we couldn't leave him there," said Master Sergeant Yuval. "At first, we wanted to take him with us, the medics, because we were in a more protected place. When we thought about what to do with him later, we realized that it was impossible to leave him there.

At one point, during the evacuation of a soldier, we seized the chance to also take the dog out of Gaza. When a tank arrived for the evacuation, we requested to include the dog. We arranged a travel bag for him, placed the dog inside with his head sticking out, and transported him to Israel."

But now what? Yuval informed his parents that they were receiving a gift from him. "They wanted a dog anyway and it really moved them," he said. "They can also give him a very good home. Anyway, I was a paramedic in the K9 Unit, so it makes sense and I can help them when needed. He received veterinary treatments, vaccinations and food and is now in quarantine to make sure everything is fine. If everything ends well, my parents will adopt Beber soon."

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